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ORDINANCE NO. ] 88 <br /> <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF CttUBBUCK, IDAHO, DECLARING <br /> AS A MATTER OF POLICY THAT THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE <br /> CITY WOULD BE SERVED BY CONVEYANCE OF CERTAIN LANDS TO <br /> THE STATE OF IDAHO, FOR STATED CONSIDEP~TION, IN ORDER <br /> TO FACILITATE CONSTRUCTION BY THE STATE OF IMPROVEmeNTS <br /> TO YELLOWSTONE AVENUE; AUTHORIZING SUCH CONVEYANCE OF <br /> PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED LANDS; RECITING THE STATUTORY <br /> BASIS UPON WHICH AUTIt0RITY IS GIVEN~ AND PROVIDING WHEN <br /> THIS ORDINANCE SHALL BEC~ EFFECTIVE. <br /> <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE ~YOR AND COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1: Declaration of Policy_~ The Mayor and <br />Council find, and therefore declare as a matter of policy, <br />that the best interests of the City of Chubbuck will be <br />served by conveyance of certain lands for stated consideration, <br />as set forth below, to the State of Idaho, in order to <br />facilitate construction by the State of improvements to <br />Yellowstone Avenue, which is part of the state highway <br />system. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2: Authorization of Conveyances. Authority is <br />hereby granted to the Mayor of the City of Chubbuck, Idaho, <br />acting in his official capacity, to execute such contracts, <br />deeds and other instruments as may be necessary in order to <br />effect the conveyance of the following lands to the state of <br />Idaho: <br /> a. For a consideration of $3,470.00, the following <br />parcel: <br /> <br />A parcel of land in Bannock County, Idaho, being <br />on the Westerly side of the centerline of U.S. <br />Highway No. 91, Project No. M-7231(007) Highway <br />Survey as shown on the plans thereof now on file <br />in the office of the Idaho Transportation Depart- <br />ment, Division of Highways, and being a oortion of <br />the SE¼NW¼ of Section 10, Township 6 South, Range <br />34 East, Boise Meridian, described as follows, to- <br />wit: <br /> <br />Commencing at the Northeast corner of the SEkNW¼ <br />of Section 10, Township 6 South, Range 34 East, <br />Boise Meridian; <br /> <br />thence Southerly along the East line of said <br />SE¼NWk a distance of 334.0 feet, more or less, to <br />the Southeast corner of that tract of land as <br />described in that certain Warranty Deed dated <br />September 29, 1966, recorded September 30, 1966 in <br />the official record book No. 208 as Instrument <br />432370 records of Bannock County, Idaho, and beinz <br />the REAL PLACE OF BEGINNING: <br /> <br />thence Westerly along the Southerly line of said <br />tract 38.0 feet, more or less, to a point in a <br />line parallel with and 40.0 feet westerly from the <br />centerline and opposite Station 178+65.79 of said <br /> <br /> <br />