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ORDINANCE NO. 138 <br /> <br /> A2~ ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDA}{O, RXPPESSING <br /> AN INTENT TO SELL CERTAIN DESCRIBED R~AL PROPERTY O~TED <br /> BY TEqg CITY; DIRECTING THAT SAID PP. OPERTY FIRST BE <br /> APPRAISED; AUTHORIZING SALE FOR CASI:? OF SAID PROPERTY <br /> BY PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER FOR AN <br /> EOUALLING OR EXCEEDING THE APP.r{AISAL; RESE.RVING TO <br /> T}~ CITY THE RIGHT TO REJECT A?~Y OR ALI, BIDS; PROH!BITII'~ <br /> SUCH SALE FRO~ OCCURRING UNTIL SIXTY ~AYS }~VR.. <br /> FROM THE DATE OF PASSAG~ OF T~{IS O~DI~ANCF.; <br /> THAT PR~EEDS FROM SALE S~{ALL B~ USED TO DISCUAR~E CITY <br /> INDEBTEDNESS OR FOR PUBLIC I~D~.OVE~-~T; P~.OTECTI?~ <br /> ~}~INING PROVISIONS OF T}{IS O~DI~A~ICE IF ONE <br /> S~{OULD BE ~ELD I~rALID; AMD PROVTDTT.T~ ~-~{E?~ T}{IS <br /> SH~L BECO~ EFFeCTIVe. // <br /> <br /> BE IT O~AINED BY %rUE ~AYOP. ATID COI~.ICIL ~V <br />OF CHUBBUCK, IDle: / <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. Pursuant to Idaho Code ~50~401 <br /> and <br /> <br /> 50-1403, the City hereby expresses its intent ~ sell the follow- <br /> / <br /> inq described real property, located at 454~Yellov~stono, Chubbuck, <br /> Idaho, which is not currently used for pu~ic purposes:~ <br /> <br /> Southeast marter of the Northwest Ca~er of Section Ten, <br /> To.ship S~ South, Range ~rty-Four~ast ~se Meridian. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. I~ediate~- upon the effective date o~h~' <br />~ordinan~e, the Mayor ~hal.1 ca~e tho above-0eScribed realty <br /> <br />~be appraised by one or mor~ profesolonallv mlallfied aooral, sers. <br /> <br /> 3. ~ the results of appraisal have been <br /> SECTION <br /> <br /> received, the City Cle.~ shall cause to be published in the Idaho <br /> State Journal, the o~ficial news~ao~r of the City, an <br /> for Bids" descrlb~ tho realty in'.~guestion, speclfyinq its <br /> appraised valuers the minimum acceP'table bid, stating <br /> <br /> ti]at said <br /> / <br /> realty will b~sold for cash to the hf~host bidder, indicating <br /> <br />~.when the est bid will be awardedr a~d r_...,ervzng, to the City <br /> <br /> the right/to reject any and all b~ds <br /> / o~g <br /> SECTION 4. Notwithstanding the f .oing provisions, <br /> <br /> the sale of real property shall no% occur unti~sixty days have <br /> expired from the date of ~assage of this ordinance, to provide <br /> <br /> <br />