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AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO, DECLARING <br /> WEEDS LOCATED WITHIN THE CORPOP~TE LIMITS OF THE CITY <br /> OF CHUBBUCK TO BE A NUISANCE; DEFINING "WEEDS" FOR THE <br /> <br /> PREMISES AND AUTHORIZING SUCH DESTRUCTION BY THE CITY, <br /> UPON DUE NOTICE, AT OWNER'S EXPENSE; MAKING WILLFUL <br /> FAILURE TO DESTROY WEEDS, FOLLOWING DUE NOTICE, A <br /> MISDEMEANOR; PROTECTING THE REMAINING PROVISIONS OF <br /> THIS ORDINANCE IF ONE PROVISION SHOULD BE HELD INVALID; <br /> REPEALING ALL PRIOR ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT WITH THIS <br /> ORDINANCE, TO THE EXTENT OF SUCH CONFLICT; AND <br /> PROVIDING WHEN THIS ORDINANCE SHALL BECOME EFFECTIVE. <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. In order to secure the health and welfare of the <br /> inhabitants of the City of Chubbuck, the City, exercising the <br /> <br />· power granted by Idaho Code S 50-334, does hereby declare the <br /> <br /> existence of weeds, as herein defined, a nuisance. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. For the purpose of this Ordinance, the word <br /> <br /> "weeds" shall mean all rank vegetable growth of no commercial value, <br /> rising more than one foot above the ground, which emits unpleasant <br /> and noxious odors, which conceals animal waste or other unsanitary <br /> <br /> substances in quantities representing a hazard to health, or which <br />Iconstitutes an imminent fire hazard under arid conditions. <br /> <br /> SECTION 3. The owners and occupants of privately owned real <br /> properties shall destroy any weeds existing on their premises. <br /> <br /> The manner of destruction shall not endanger, or infringe upon the <br /> full use and enjoyment of, adjoining properties and structures. <br /> <br />All residual weed material shall be safely removed from the premises. <br />The City Clerk or Chief of Police may cause notice to be issued <br />iiby certified mail to the owners or occupants of such premises, <br /> <br />describing wi~hparticularity the property in question, stating <br />the weeds thereon to be a nuisance, and advising that the weeds <br />~must be destroyed within a specified time period of not less <br />ithan seven days. Before the specified period has expired, each <br />owner or occupant so notified may file with the City Clerk a <br />written appeal, which shall be decided by the City Council at <br /> <br /> <br />