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TITL .... <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE OF T},~.~, CITY OF CHUBBUCK, BANNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO, <br />ANN~ING THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED LAb~, TO-WIT: <br /> <br />Ail of that Union Pacific Railroad mroDerty lying <br />within the boundaries of the City of Chubbuck, Idaho, <br />extending from the south city boundary, it being on <br />the latitudinal center line of Section Ten (10), <br />Township Six South (6S), Range Thirty-Four (34), East <br />of the Boise Meridian; North to the latitudinal <br />center line of Section Three (3), Township Six South <br />(6S), Range Thirty-Four (34), East of the Boise <br />Meridian, the north city boundary line. <br /> <br />Said property lying within the East one-half (E~) of <br />the Northeast Quarter (NE~) of Section Ten (10), and <br />the East one-half (E-~-) of the Southeast Quarter (SE~) <br />of Section Three (3), Township Six South (6S), Range <br />Thirty-Four (34), East of the Boise Meridian. <br /> <br />ALL IN BANNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO, TO THE CITY OF C}YgBBUCK, AND <br /> <br />DECLARING SAID LAND TO BE A PART OF SAID CITY; FURTHER PROVIDING <br />T~ FILING OF A CERTIFIED COPY OF THIS ORDINANCE, WITH THE COUNTY <br />RECORDER, AND THE FILING OF ONE COPY OF THE LEGAL D.SCRIPTION <br />AND A MAP DESIGNATING THE BOUNDARIES OF THE CITY OF CHUBBUCK, <br />AS ALTERED BY THIS ANNEXATION, WITH THE COUNTY RECORDER AND THE <br />COUNTY ASSESSOR AND THE STATE OF IDAHO TAX CO~SfISSION; REPEALING <br />ALL ORDINANCES, OR PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT H ,vREWITH; <br />AND DISPENSING WITH THE READING OF THIS O~DINANCE ON THREE <br />DIEFERENT DAYS; AND PROVIDE AN EF'?ECTIVE DATE. <br /> <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED PARCELS OF LAND ARE <br />UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD RIGHT OF WAY PROPERTY WITHIN THE CITY OF <br />CHUBBUCK AND ADJOI~D ON BOTH SIDES OF SAID RAILROAD RIGHT OF <br />WAY PROPERTY BY LAND, WHICH IS WITHIN THE SAID CITY ARrD LAID OFF, <br />SgBDIVIDED, OR PLATTED, AS SHOWN BY THE PLATS ON FILE IN THE <br />OFFICE OF THE COU~Y~Y RECORDER AND THE SURVEYOR OF THIS COUNTY; <br />AND i,~HEREAS, THE FOREGOING CONDITIONS, OR SOME OF TH~I, APPLY <br />TO EACH A~'fD EVERY TRACT AND PARCEL HE~,_,INAFT~I~ DESCRIB._,D, A~D <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, THE MAYOR AND THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />CHUBBUCK, do at this time deem it advisable and for the best <br />interests of the inhabitants of the said City to annex said <br />railroad right of way pro~erties and marcels thereof, referred <br />to and hereinafter described and do hereby annex the same m~rsuant <br /> <br /> <br />