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Y <br />,y <br />ORDINANCE N0 <br />AN OMINANCE PROVIDING FOi THE LICENSING BY THE VILLA? GE Or CHUBBUCK, � <br />BANNOCK COUNTY$ IDAHO, OF COIN - OPERATED AMUSEMENT 3T D ICE AS M'.14 'INED BY <br />i <br />CHAPTER 15 OF TITLE 50$ IDAHO CODE; PROVIDING THE LICENSE FEES TO BE <br />PAID ON EACH SUCH MACHINE OR L):�V'ICE AND THE AFPORTIt?Ni,& N'3: AND PAYIW_wNT <br />0111 THE PORTION TO Tail: STATE OF 1DA110 A24D BANNO04 COUNTY AS P]ROVIDLD BY <br />Tffil< STATE LAW- PROVIDING REGMATIONS AND CC NTAOLS F OA THE OPLRATION OF <br />SAID DEVICES AND LICENSING `I ::A ME; PROVIDING THE. FCl y G »` LICENSE OR <br />S'T'AMP TO BE OBTAINLD AND D.ISF'LAY THEREOF AND. FOR CANC j LL!I T'.A ON THEREOF; <br />PAOVIDIN'G FOR TIM FURNISHING OF r`OWAS FOR APPLICATION FOR LICENSES; <br />PROVIDING FOR TIM FRO-RATING OF LICENSE FEES FOR `i11L GAU, --DAR YEAR; <br />PROVIDING FOR THE 163U&,N'CE OF SMSTITUTE LICENSE IN CASE A DEVICE <br />LICENSED IS BRU&L�;N OR DESTROYED OR HAS BLOObM, USELESS; PROVIDING PENALTIES <br />FOR VIOLATION OF THE ORDINANCE; PROVIDING FOR THE .REVOCATION OF LICENSES <br />AND POR NOTICE OF HEARING PRECEDING SUCH REVOCATIONS; AND REP.F<ALING ALL <br />OTC :,R ORDINANCES OR PARTS OF 0.k'DINANC1_,Z' INSOFAR AS THLY ARE IN COR ILICT <br />WITH TiIIS O.MINANCE <br />BE IT 010AINED BY THE Ch AiiMAN AND BOARD. OF TRUSTEES OF THE <br />VILLAGE OF CHUBBUCK, BANNOCK COUNTY, STA`IF, OF IDAHO$ <br />SECTION lr It shall be lawful to operate within the Village of <br />Chubbuck, Bannock Countyv Idaho„ coin- operated amusement devices as <br />defined by Chapter 15 of Title 50s Idaho Code,, provided a license is <br />.first obtained from the Village of Chubbuck, as provided in this <br />Ordinance and the rules and regulations and provisions concerning the <br />licensing and operation of the same as provided in this Ordinance,, and <br />as provided in said Chapter 15 of Title 500 Idaho Code, are complied with. <br />SECTION 2.* Before any such coin - operated amusement device :my be <br />operated within the Village, an application. for a license for each such <br />devices or devices, shall be filed with they Village Clerk of the Village <br />of Chubbuck on an application form provided by they Village therefor, <br />Said application fora shall. provide„ among other thinga p they following <br />Informations <br />The name of the applicant; the name of the place and location <br />where it is proposed such coin - operated device or devices are to be <br />