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^N <br />CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO <br />ORDINANCE NO. 681 <br />/"'41, <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO, AMENDING CHAPTER <br />5.05 PAWNBROKERS AND PAWNSHOPS TO INCLUDE SECONDHAND <br />PRECIOUS METALS DEALERS AND SECONDHAND STORES; PROVIDING <br />DEFINITIONS, REPEALING PRIOR CONFLICTING ORDINANCES; PROVIDING <br />FOR THE SEVERABILITY OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE; <br />PROVIDING THAT ALL OTHER SECTIONS OF CHAPTER 5.05 NOT AMENDED <br />SHALL REMAIN IN EFFECT; AND PROVIDING WHEN THIS ORDINANCE IS <br />EFFECTIVE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />CHUBBUCK, IDAHO. <br />Section 1. The following amendments to Chapter 5.5 are hereby adopted: <br />Chapter 5.05 <br />PAWNBROKERS, 2V+B PAWNSHOPS, SECOND HAND PRECIOUS METALS <br />DEALERS AND SECOND HAND STORES <br />5.05.010: DEFINITIONS: ´┐ŻAmy person within the city of ehubbuck who loans money on deposit <br />: : : .. : .: <br />The following definitions apply to this Chapter: <br />"Garage sale" is a sale of new or used personal property, not more than three (3) <br />consecutive days in duration and conducted not more frequently than once every six (6) months <br />at the same location. <br />"Pawnbroker" is a person who engages in the business of lending or advancing money on <br />the securit´┐Żof personal property pledged or deposited in his or her possession. <br />"Precious metals" means gold, silver, platinum and their alloys. <br />"Secondhand goods" are articles of personal property, other than operable motor vehicles, <br />previously possessed and used by person other than their current possessor. <br />"Secondhand precious metals dealer" is a person who engages in the business of buying, <br />selling, exchanging or trading old or used precious metal or secondhand goods containing anX <br />precious metal. The following shall not be considered secondhand precious metals dealers: <br />W Persons who in the ordinary course of business buy or sell uncast precious <br />metals primarily for use in any manufacturing or photographic developing <br />process, jewelry manufacture or repair, or dental restoration or repair. <br />Q Persons who in the ordinary course of business accept or receive <br />goods in the same form as they existed at the time of their receipt. <br />Ordinance - Page 1 <br />chubbuck110209pawnord.wpd <br />