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CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO <br />ORDINANCE NO. 42j <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO, ENACTING A NEW <br />SECTION 9.08.210, PROHIBITING THE EXHIBITION OR DRAWING OR <br />POINTING OF A REPLICA OF A FIREARM IN A THREATENING MANNER; <br />REPEALING PRIOR CONFLICTING ORDINANCES; PROVIDING FOR THE <br />SEVERABILITY OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE; AND <br />PROVIDING WHEN THIS ORDINANCE SHALL BECOME EFFECTIVE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />CHUBBUCK, IDAHO: <br />Section 1. Intent. The Police Department has reported a <br />growing number of instances wherein citizens have been threatened <br />by individuals brandishing what appear to be genuine firearms. <br />Currently law enforcement officials cannot cite people for such <br />conduct even though it is potentially lethal to them and others <br />because current laws deal only with exhibition and discharge of <br />real firearms. The City Council wishes to prohibit such conduct <br />and protect its citizens from such danger. <br />Section 2. Addition of Section 9.08.210. The following <br />Section 9.08.210 is added to the Chubbuck Municipal Code: <br />9.08.210 Drawing or Exhibiting Imitation Firearm <br />Prohibited. No person shall, except in self-defense, draw, <br />brandish, or exhibit an imitation firearm in a threatening manner <br />against another in such a way as to cause a reasonable person <br />apprehension or fear of bodily harm. For purposes of this <br />section, an imitation firearm means a replica of a firearm that <br />is so substantially similar in physical properties to an existing <br />genuine firearm as to lead a reasonable person to conclude that <br />the replica is a firearm. <br />Ordinance - Page 1 <br />saw chbbck06.301 <br />