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CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO <br />ORDINANCE NO. 4 3 2 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO, ENACTING <br />SECTION 9.08.220, POSSESSION OF TOLUENE; DECLARING TOLUENE <br />TO BE A HARMFUL SUBSTANCE WHEN INHALED; PROVIDING THAT <br />POSSESSION OF TOLUENE WITH THE INTENT TO INHALE A <br />MISDEMEANOR; REPEALING PRIOR CONFLICTING ORDINANCES; <br />PROVIDING FOR THE SEVERABILITY OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS <br />ORDINANCE; AND PROVIDING WHEN THIS ORDINANCE SHALL <br />BECOME EFFECTIVE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />CHUBBUCK, IDAHO: <br />Section 1. Declaration. Toluene is a benzene compound which, when inhaled, <br />has intoxicating effects, is carcinogenic and can cause damage to kidneys, gall bladder, <br />stomach and the brain. <br />Section 2. New Section 9.08.220. The following Section 9.08.220 is added to the <br />Chubbuck Municipal Code: <br />9.08.220 Possession of Toluene with Intent to Inhale. <br />A. Any person who possess toluene or any substance or material containing <br />toluene, including, but not limited to, glue, cement, dope, paint thinner, paint and any <br />combination of hydrocarbons, either alone or in combination with any substance or <br />material including but not limited to paint, paint thinner, shellac thinner, and solvents, <br />with the intent to breathe, inhale or ingest for the purpose of causing a condition of <br />intoxication, elation, euphoria, dizziness, stupefaction, or dulling of the senses or for the <br />purpose of, in any manner, changing, distorting, or disturbing the audio, visual, or mental <br />processes, or who knowingly and with the intent to do so is under the. influence of <br />toluene or any material containing toluene, or any combination of hydrocarbons is guilty <br />of a misdemeanor. <br />B. Any person who possesses any substance or material, which the State of <br />Idaho has determined by regulations adopted pursuant to the Administrative Procedures <br />Act has toxic qualities similar to toluene, with the intent to breathe, inhale, or ingest for <br />the purpose of causing a condition of intoxication, elation, euphoria, dizziness, <br />excitement, irrational behavior, exhilaration, satisfaction, stupefaction, or dulling of the <br />senses or for the purpose of, in any manner, changing, distorting, or disturbing the audio, <br />visual, or mental processes, or who is under the influence of such substance or material <br />is guilty of a misdemeanor. <br />ORDINANCE - Page 1 <br />dec chbbck11.044 <br />