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ORDINANCE NO.• <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE VILLAGE OF CMBUCK, BA=)CK COUNTY, IDAHO, APPROPRIATING <br />THE SEVERAL SNP OF MONEY PEELED NECESSARY AND AUFFICIENT TO DEFRAY ALL EXPENSES <br />AND LIABILITIESS OF THE VIILAGE OF: tn=UCK, FOR THE FISCAL. YEAR BEGINNING ON THE <br />1st DAY OF MAY, 1953, AND ENDING 0.K THE 3Oth DAY OF APRIL., 1954, AND DESIGNATING <br />THE DIFFERENT FONDS TO WHICH THE REVENUES R8CEIVED BMW, SAID FISCAL YEAR SHALL <br />BE CREDITED, AND FROM WHhCH EXPENSE& SHALL BE DRAWN AND PAID,• MD KNOWN AS "1'HE <br />ANNUAL. APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE OF 1953 ". <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CHAIRMAN AND THE BOARD OF TRUSTEE OF THE VILLAGE OF <br />CHISBUCK, BANNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO: <br />Seetian 1_ That the following named funds are hereby designated as the proper <br />funds into which All revenue accruing to the Village of Chubbuck, from all sources, <br />shall be paid during the discal year beginning on the lst day of May, 1953, and <br />ending on the 30th day of April, 1954: <br />General Fund <br />Mater Works System Revenue Special Fund of 1951 <br />Water System Maintenance Fund <br />ae 1192 2. That the following sums of money are hereby appropriated from <br />the general fund for the payment of all general- expenses of the Village of <br />Chubbuck, during the aforesaid fiscal year:. <br />For Salaries of Village Officials --------------------------- $ 6,000.00 <br />Stationery, Supplies and'Printing--------- - - - - -- - - - - -- 500.00 <br />For Expenses in connection with garbage disposal----- - - - - -- 500.00 <br />For Water System Maintenance and accrued interest----- - - - - -- 3,000.00 <br />For Expensw 1-n connection -Fire Department --- -- M - - - - -- =- 7,500.00 <br />For Special Legal Services---------------------------- - - - - -- 500.00 <br />-For General 1 Expenses - - -- ----------------------------- - - - - -- 10_h- n <br />Sub Total $28,500.00 <br />Appropriation for payment Water Works System <br />Revenue Special Fund of 1951, Bonds <br />and Interest ----------------------------------- _-------- 21800.00 <br />For Water System Maintenance from Water Revenues- - - - - -- --,oO <br />TOTAL -------- -------- - - - - -� . - -$33, 500.00 <br />Section 3_ That all Ordinances, Resolutions, or parts thereof, in conflict <br />herewith, are hereby expressly repealed, and that this Ordinance shall be:in full <br />force and effect from and after its passage, approval, and publication;.,at., <br />required by lax, and shall be known as the` "AnnuAl Appropriation Ordinance of <br />1953". <br />PASSED AND, APPROVED this day of June, 1953. <br />/�,i L <br />Ch rman of t e:Board WATOfistees <br />ATTEST: (SEA..) <br />Vil ge Clerk <br />