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ORDINANCE NO.-IL—. <br />AN ORDINANCEssKELATING TO AND- REGULATING THE OPERATION OF'THE MUNICIPAL WATER <br />SYSTEM OF THE VILLAGE OF CHUBBUCK, BANNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO; PROVIDING FOR RULES <br />REGULATING AND FIXING THE USE AND PRICE OF WATER SUPPLIED BY THE VILLAGE AND <br />CONNECTIONS THEREWITH; ESTABLISHING A WATER DEPARTMENT FOR THE VILLAGE AND <br />DEFINING ITS DUTIES AND POWERS: PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS OF THIS <br />ORDINANCE; AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES OR PARTS THEREOF IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CHAIRMAN AND THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE OF <br />CHUBBUCK, BANNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO: <br />Section 1. Water Department. The Water Department for the Village of <br />Chubbuck, Idaho, is hereby created and defined. The Water Department shall consist <br />of the Chairman and Board of Trustees of the Village of Chubbuck, the Village Clerk, <br />the Village Treasurer and ,a Superintendent of Water and such other employees as <br />may from time to time be appointed by the Village Board. <br />Section 2. Superintendent. A Superintendent of the Water Department shall <br />be appointed by the Village Board, and shall hold such position during the pleasure <br />of the Chairman and Village Board, and receive such salary as the Village Board <br />may determine; provided, that in the case of absence of the Superintendent, or <br />vacancy in the position, the Chairman of the Village Board of Trustees shall act <br />in such capacity. <br />Section 3. Duties of Superintendent. The duties of said Superintendent shall <br />be to oversee and superintend the operation and maintenance of the water system, <br />the making of repairs of all kinds, the construction of all extensions and add- <br />itions and all construction work of whatever nature whatsoever in connection with <br />the present water system and any new system that may be established. The <br />Superintendent of the Water 'Department shall be subject at all times to the <br />direction and authority of the Chairman and Board of Trustees of the Village. <br />Section 4. Duties of Village Clerk and Village Treasurer -- Collections. The <br />Village Clerk shall collect and receive all deposits, water rentals or other moneys <br />payable pursuant to law by patrons of the Village Water Department. Said Clerk <br />shall keep full and complete records of all such moneys received, the date and <br />from.whom received and upon what account and shall also keep accurate and complete <br />account of all disbursements, showing the date and amount thereof, the person to <br />whom paid and upon what account. The Village Clerk shall deliver all such revenues <br />to the Village Treasurer, who shall deposit said moneys in the bank in the res- <br />pective funds and for the respective purposes, as provided by Ordinance No. 11 and <br />all other ordinances of the Village of Chubbuck pertaining thereto. <br />Section 5. Rules and Regulations. That the rules and regulations as set <br />forth herein be, and the same are hereby established for the management of the <br />municipal water system of the Village of Chubbuck. <br />Section 6. All applications for service installations and for water service . <br />shall be made at the office of the Water Department on printed forms furnished <br />by the Water Department, and shall contain the name of the owner or occupant, an <br />account number, building permit number if for new building, size of connection <br />required, and when possible a description of the property, lot, block and addition, <br />name of the street upon which the property fronts and the official street number, <br />and the signature of the applicant agreeing to conform to the rules and regulations <br />of the Water Department that may be established by the Village as conditions for <br />the use of water. <br />All applications for service installations shall be made by the owner <br />or occupant of the property to be served, or by his duly authorized agent, and <br />the applicant shall, at the time of making application, pay to the Vilia§ke�.Clerk <br />the amount of the fees or deposit required for the installation of the service <br />connection, as hereinafter provided. <br />When service connections have been installed, application for water <br />service may be made either by the owner, or his duly authorized agent, or by the <br />tenant or occupant of the premises. The applicant shall at the time of making <br />application pay to the Village Clerk the amount of deposit required to secure the <br />payment of charges for water,service as hereinafter provided. <br />