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ORDINANCE N0. . U <br />AN O MINANCE OF THE VIIJ A.GE OF CUTUDDUCK, BATIMOCK CCM—TY, IDAHO„ A%TT7I>%tG THE <br />FOLLO %SING - DESCRIBED LANDS, TOFITS <br />Beginning at a point on the north right- of-way boundary of Chubbuck <br />Road that is S. 89033+ E, 935,8 feet from the E. 1/16 line of Sec- 3, <br />Twp. 6 8,0 R. 34 'E.B.A1.., same being a point on the present :Easterly <br />boundary of the Village of Chubbuck; thence Easterly along said -North <br />right-- of-way boundary of Chubbuck Road 2050 feet., more or less, to the <br />intersection with the West right-of-way boundary of County Road on the Fast <br />side of Fort Ball Main Canal; tlLence in a northerly direction along said <br />I''est boundary 1950 feet.0 more or less, to the .intersection with the North <br />boundary of Aero Park subdivision, which point is 52 feet West of the NE <br />corner of said subdivision; thence East along said North line of Rer0 <br />Park 52 feet; thence North 30442 feet; thence East 370.0 feet; thence <br />South 1673,0 feet to the intersection with the latitudinal center lane <br />of said Sec. 2; thence 'Nesterly along said centerline 1100 feet to the <br />West 1/16 corner; thence North along the West 1/16 line 1368.3 feet;,*' <br />thence <br />East along the North line of Aero Park 676.0 feet; thence in a Southerly <br />direction parallel to and 2.0 feet distant from the 'Allesterly right -of -vary <br />boundary of County .Road, 1950 feet., more or less., to a point which is <br />2.0 feet East and 2.0 feet South of the intersection of the right-of-way <br />boundaries of County (toad and Chubbuck Roads thence "'esterly parallel to <br />and 2.0 feet distant from the north right - Hof -way boundary of. Chubbuck <br />Road 2052 feet; thence North 290 feet. to the point of beginning, <br />TO THE VILLAGE, OF CHUBBt1CK . BANNOCK COUNTY,, IDA.110., nNTID DT,CLA.RFI- J!I 1 :GMM TO BE <br />PART OF SAID VILLAG-E; AND REPEALING ALL ORDINIMCES OR P. °,RT5 OF OTM1 +tANCES IN CON- <br />FLICT HCRMITH; A24D DECLARING All EA, r,RGENCY. <br />Va'HE'l PR AS i�, appears to the Chairman and Board of Trustees of the Village <br />of Chubbuck, that there are certain lands Lying; adjacent and con.tizggu.ous to the <br />Village of Chubbuck, Idaho,, tracts of land containing not more than five (5 ) acres <br />each,,-by mates and bounds descriptions, all being included v�,ithin the property <br />hereinafter particularly described; <br />AND. WHEREAS$ the lands hereinafter described are each and all adjacent <br />and contiguous to the incorporated limits of the Village of Chubbuck., Bannock <br />County, Idaho; <br />AND,. IVIMFAS, the Chairman and Board of Trustees of the Village of <br />Chubbuck, do at this time, deem it advisable and for the best interest of the <br />inhabitants of the said Village., to annex the hereinafter described lands, and <br />to declare the same to be a part of the Village of Chubbuck, Bannock County, Idaho; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premisess <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CHAIRMAN AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE OF CHUBBUCK, <br />BA,NNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO., as follows s <br />SECTION 1. That the following lands adjacent and contiguous to the Village <br />of Chubbuck, Bannock County, Idaho, respectively, be,, and the same are hereby <br />annexed to the Village of Chubbuck, under the provisions of Section 50 -303 of the <br />Idaho Code, to -wits <br />