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N <br />ORDINANCE NO._ . <br />AN ORDINANCE MAKING IT LAWFUL TO SELL WITHIN THE VILLAGE LIMITS OF THE VILLAGE OF <br />CHUBBUCK, BANNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO, LIQUOR BY THE DRINK AS PROVIDED IN THIS ORDINANCE <br />AND UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF CHAPTER 9 OF TITLE 23, IDAHO CODE; PROVIDING FOR THE <br />ISSUANCE OF LICENSE THEREFOR; PROVIDING A FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SUCH LICENSES AND <br />THE LICENSE FEES REQUIRED; PROVIDING FOR TRANSFER OF LICENSES AND REVOCATION AND <br />CANCELLATION OF LICENSES; PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATIONS OF THE PROVISIONS <br />OF THIS ORDINANCE; PROVIDING FOR THE ADOPTION OF THE STATE LAMP APPLICABLE TO THE <br />RETAIL SALE OF LIQUOR BY THE DRINK IN IDAHO; PROHIBITING GAMBLING ON PREMISES; <br />PROVIDING FOR THE PUBLICATION OF THIS ORDINANCE AND FOR THE TIME OF TAKING EFFECT <br />OF THIS ORDINANCE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BI THE CHAIRMAN AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE OF CHUBBUCK, <br />BANNOCK COUNTY, STATE OF IDAHO: <br />SECTIONl. LICENSE REQUIRED: It will be lawful to sell within the Village of <br />Chubbuck, liquor by the drink as provided in Chapter 9 of Title 23, Idaho Code; pro- <br />viding a license shall first be obtained from the Village of Chubbuck, as provided <br />in this Ordinance, and the rules and regulations and provisions concerning the <br />licensing and operation of place of business of the same, as provided in this <br />Ordinance, and as provided by Chapter 9 of Title 23, Idaho Code, <br />SECTION 2. APPLICATION FORM: Before any such establishment for sale of <br />liquor by the drink is permitted to operate, an application must be made for such <br />license and filed with the Village Clerk of the Village of Chubbuck on application <br />form provided by the Village. Such application will provide for the name of ap- <br />plicant, location of the proposed business, and at the time application is made, <br />the applicant will also present a copy of the application for a State license, as <br />well as license issued by the State, for sale of liquor by the drink at retail, <br />and no village license will be issued without first obtaining a license issued by <br />the State of Idaho. <br />All applications shall be by the Clerk referred to the Village Marshall of <br />the Village of Chubbuck, and he will endorse thereon his approval or disapproval <br />thereof, before the same is presented to the Board of Trustees for final approval. <br />The Village Clerk will receive license fees hereinafter provided, at the time of <br />filing of the application, and upon approval of the application by the Board of <br />Trustees, license will be mailed to the operator, <br />