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ORDINANCE NO. 3 . <br />AN ORDINANCE PRESCRIBING A COMPLETE TRAFFIC CODE FOR THE OPERATION OF ALL VEHICLES <br />UPON THE PUBLIC HIGHWAYS WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE VILLAGE OF CHUBBUCK AND PRESCRIB- <br />ING PENALTIES FOR A VIOLATION OF ANY OF THE TERMS OF THE SAID ORDINANCE OR OF ANY <br />REGULATIONS PROMULGATED UNDER AND 114 CONFORMITY 'WITH AND BY THE AUTHORITY OF SAID <br />ORDINANCE; DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. <br />BE IT ORDAINED, BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, OF THE VILLAGE OF CHUBBUCK, BANNOCK <br />COUNTY, IDAHO: <br />ARTICLE I: DEFINITIONS. <br />SECTION 1. Whenever in this Ordinance the following terms are used, they shall <br />have the purpose of this Ordinance only, the meanings respectively ascribed to <br />them in this section, except in those instances where the context clearly indicates <br />a different meaning: <br />CROSS WALK: That portion of the roadway included within the lines painted and <br />marked on the roadway. <br />MOTOR VEHICLE: Every vehicle as herein defined, which is self-propelled. <br />OPERATOR: Any person who is in actual physical control of a vehicle. <br />PARK: To stand a vehicle, whether occupied or not, for a period of time <br />greater than is reasonably necessary for the actual loading or unloading of per - <br />sons or materials. <br />PEDESTRIAN: Any person afoot. <br />PERSON: Every natural person, firm, partnership, corporation or association. <br />RESIDENCE DISTRICT: The territory continguous to a street not comprising a <br />business district when the frontage on such street for a distance of three hundred <br />feet is mainly occupied by dwellings. <br />RIGHT-OF-WAY: The privilege of the immediate use of the street. <br />SAFETY ZONE: That marked portion of a roadway reserved for exclusive use of <br />Pedestrians. <br />SIDLUM: That portion of a street between the curb line and the adjacent <br />property line. <br />STREET: Every way set aside for public travel except bridle paths and foot- <br />paths. <br />THROUGH STREET: Any specially designated street at which all classes of cross <br />traffic are required to stop before entering or crossing such through street. <br />TRAFFIC: Vehicles and pedestrians, either singly or together, while using any <br />street for purposes of travel. <br />