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ORDINANCE NO. <br />AN ORDINANCE MAKIN IT UNLAVffUL FOR ANY PERSON TO COTdMMIT AN ASSAULT <br />ON ANOTHER PERSON VVITHIN THE LIMITS OF' THE VILLAGE OF CHUBBUCK: MAKING <br />IT UNLAWFUL FO.'i ANY PERSON TO CO1011IT A BATTERY UPON ANOTHER PERSON <br />VIITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE VILLAGE OF CHUBBUCK: DEFINING THE v ORD ASSAULT; <br />DEFINING THE WOAD BATTERY; PROVIDING A PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION OF <br />THIS ORDINANCE; AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES AND PARTS OF ORDINANCES <br />IN CONFLICT VdITH THIS ORDINANCE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CHAIRMAN AND THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE <br />OF CHUBBUCK, BANNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO: <br />Section 1. The word "assault" as used in this ordinance is <br />defined as an unlawful attempt coupled with a present ability to <br />commit a violent injury on the person of another. <br />Section 2. The word "battery" as used in this ordinance is <br />any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of <br />another. <br />Section 3. It shall be unlawful for any person to commit an <br />assault or commit a battery as those terms are herein defined within <br />the village limits of the Village of Chubbuck, Bannock County, Idaho. <br />Section 4. Any person violating the provisions of this ordinance <br />shall, upon conviction, be fined in a sum of not exceeding One Hundred <br />Dollars, and in addition thereto the costs involved, and in default <br />of the payment of such fine and costs to be confined in jail at the <br />rate of one day for each 41.50 of such fine and costs so imposed. <br />Section 5. All ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict <br />with this ordinance are hereby repealed. <br />Section 6. This ordinance shall take effect and be in full force <br />and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication as <br />required by law. <br />PASSED AND APPROVED this day of May, 1951. <br />ATTEST: <br />APPROVED <br />VI <br />, 2=ne&� <br />VILLAGE C IZERK. <br />GE OF CHUBBUCK, BANNOCK COUNTY, IDAHO. <br />