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The lot depth is measured at the furthest point the rear lot line is from the front <br />lot line. The lot width is measured at the point of the front yard set back, and, in the <br />case of a corner lot, the shortest line of the two sides bordering a street shall be used. <br />For tracts that are on hillsides, irregularly shaped, or that have unusual conditions, <br />drainage, easements or other such matters, which may make these ratios unworkable, the <br />city building official and other applicable city officials shall work with the owner to <br />devise a plan for such a lot that is workable. Any deviations from the above ratios shall <br />be subject to approval by the Land Use and Development Commission either at the <br />preliminary plat stage or upon special application to the Commission. <br />ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS <br />Section 1. Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances. The provisions of any Ordinance of <br />the City of Chubbuck, Idaho, and any provision of the Chubbuck Municipal Code which <br />are in conflict with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent of <br />such conflict. All other sections and provisions of Chapter 18.08 not herein amended <br />shall remain in full force and effect. <br />Section 2. Severability. If any provision of this ordinance is held invalid, for any <br />reason, by any court of competent jurisdiction, such holding shall not affect the validity <br />or enforceability of any of the remaining provisions. <br />Section 3. Effective Date. The rule requiring an ordinance to be read on three <br />separate days, one of which shall be a reading in full, is hereby dispensed with, and this <br />Ordinance shall become effective upon its passage, approval and publication as provided <br />by law. <br />PASSED BY THE COUNCIL AND APPROVED BY THE MAYOR OF THE <br />CITY OF CHUBBUCK, IDAHO, this 2 6th day of JANUARY 1993. <br />YOR <br />ATTEST: <br />ff ddol-) <br />CITY CLERK <br />Ordinance - Page 2 <br />dsc chbbck02.141 <br />